If you’re trading in the UK, how do you ensure you are fully compliant?

Since 2005, PLC has been providing up-to-the-minute training, and personal and premises licencing in languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Polish, Urdu and Tamil. We help you to ensure full compliance with all laws and regulations in the retail, hotel and hospitality industry. 

It is a wonderfully diverse industry, and the majority of the people we work with only speak English as a second language. We all know that regulations can be complex. Compliance requirements are often hard to understand, especially if you don’t speak English fluently. So, we will make it easy for you. We understand your business, and all of the regulations surrounding it. And, because we speak your language, we’ll make sure you understand it all too. 

Our clients tell us that the reassurance they get from knowing they can ask any questions and get answers in their preferred language makes getting to grips with the rules and regulations so much easier. You will leave one of our courses knowing everything you need to know.  

Clear, professional advice in your language makes Surendra and the team the preferred choice with local councils, police, and licencing barristers. We are also accredited by BII. 

Your training, your way

Get in touch to start your training journey and let us know how we can help you. Whether you want to book a bespoke training course in your language, or you want to find out about our online courses, we’re here to help. Give us a call on 020 8606 0558, or contact us

Meet the team

Surendra Panchal

Founder and CEO, Consultant and Trainer

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujurati

Surendra started PLC from home in 2006, having previously worked in hospitality. Even before that, he was learning all about the value of teamwork as a professional cricketer. Surendra has always worked to support others, and represent those who are unable to represent themselves. He saw the difficulties that many people encountered in the hospitality industry, and wanted to help; that’s how he got into licencing. His commitment to fair treatment for all makes him the ideal advocate and trainer. Surendra devotes his spare time to his family and continues to watch (and play) cricket when he can.   

As PLC has expanded its reach and its customer base, we’ve expanded our team too. These are the people who will help you when you get in touch with us:

Manpreet Singh Kapoor

Manager and Consultant

Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Afghan

Manpreet has been with us for more than ten years now. With a BA in Business Management and 10 years’ experience in the licencing sector, his diligence makes him an ideal exam invigilator, as well as a certified trainer. Manpreet is a cricket enthusiast, and also enjoys his five-a-side football.  

Suganthini Mahendran


Languages: English, Tamil

Suganthini worked as an educational trainer in Sri Lanka for more than 15 years. Since joining us at PLC as a Trainer, she has been working with people at all levels, including managerial training. Outside of work, Suganthini applies the same careful attention to baking, as well as pursuing her passion for the history of temples and temple preservation.